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790 references

Download:    Functional
Quality: Very well.. no popup
Evaluation: Very very good.. small catalog but very well managed, Bravo
Website:   Sokostream

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Watch movie

38778 references

Download:    Correct
Quality: Good for looking for trailers
Evaluation: Only trailers, no film on the site.. Not recommended !
Website:   Voirfilm

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Zone streaming

2122 references

Download:    Cannot be rated, no film present on this platform
Quality: We're still looking for the play button
Evaluation: No reader present and no link.. To flee !
Website:   Zone streaming

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5817 references

Download:    Fast
Quality: Very good and good catalog
Evaluation: Very well.. little Popup
Website:   Cinemay

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214 references

Download:    Good flow when you can find a link that works
Quality: Big video link problem
Evaluation: Catalog sparse and many broken links .. Not recommended !
Website:   Filmgratuit

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59137 references

Download:    Under test..
Quality: Not tested, site hors ligne le soir de l'évaluation, pity but we leave a chance
Evaluation: Base data record with more than 50 000 references !
Website:   StreamingDivx

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Streaming AC

5736 references

Download:    Very well
Quality: Very well
Evaluation: Fast, No advertising, no trailer.. The top!
Website:   Streaming AC

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311 references

Download:    No test possible
Quality: Little choice in French unlike the title of the site and little catalog, pity it has a very good presentation and readability on certain page
Evaluation: No streaming.. downloading is possible on some films (amazonprime or itunes)
Website:   LibertylandVF

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50235 references

Download:    Good
Quality: Very bad.. too many Popup, above average and redirects to another https address://
Evaluation: Possible to watch a series but giving it a lot of trouble to close all pop-up windows
Website:   Voirseries

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694 references

Download:    Way, some cuts
Quality: Well no Popup
Evaluation: Bravo, there is enough to spend a few hours
Website:   Filmzenstream

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611 references

Download:    Very well
Quality: Well, good definition.. be careful to click on the second video player
the first redirects to advertising sites
Evaluation: Catalog well supplied.. negative point: not very intuitive presentation
Website:   Enstream

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17263 references

Download: Fast
Quality: Very well, no popup, little sort selection and lots of missing movie poster
Evaluation: Correct, negative point: 3 minute wait to start the movie
not great when we are looking and want to watch some pictures to know if the film will please us
Website:   VKstreaming