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The FI team want shared an important word statement to users by a large epidemiologist “Massimo Galli” about the pandemic that the world is undergoing.

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2020

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro CD 2020.
Download Adobe Collection 2019 free to enjoy it.

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Adobe indesign cc 2019 public.dll

Download public.dll, adobe cc patch 2019 for indesign.
A solution has been found, tested by our team and functional.

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Collection adobe 2019

  How to use Adobe software easily. Patch for Adobe products 2019. As indicated by his name, the version 2019 was patched earlier this year by the engineers of the darknet. It did not take long to find out how to dispose of again almost all Adobe products. Adobe CC 2019…

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Adobe after effect CC 2019

  Download AfterFXLib.dll, the adobe CC patch 2019 pour After Effect. Download Adobe Collection 2019 free to enjoy it. Adobe CC 2019 placed his activation module in the EXE or DLL file of the main program, canceled the classic activation module amtlib.dll and completely deactivated the activation method outside…

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Amt.emu v2 Adobe 2020

Office-emulator v2.0 – Patch adobe 2018 Dreamweaver, Indesign, After Effects, Animate, Audition, Dimension, Illustrator, InCopy, LightRoom, Premiere Pro

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Free streaming

Or find the best free streaming site?
What are the risks to watch the illegal streaming ?

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View the update of an article wordpress

The publication date has are important.
But the last date of modification known d`un d`une article or page is an equally important element.

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FI music selection

Our team, worshiper good sound make you discover some good music addresses and other link discovered over time.

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free winrar (Version 3.71)

WinRAR is a data compression software developed by Russian Eugene Roshal.
Since its creation in 1995, it has become a key software in the area of ​​data archiving.

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Cappuccino dates

nice recipe to accompany your dishes for those who love the sweet salty mixture.   For the cream: 350 grams of liquid cream 110 grams of dates Heat cream, then mix a few minutes to have a very thin cream to siphon. (Siphon with a single cartridge and can shake). ——————————– For…

Download 7-zip
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7-Zip is a data compression software to compress your folders and files so that they use less space.

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Suite Adobe 2019 Creative Cloud for Mac

Patch Adobe 2019 for Mac. Some address convenient to find a patch for Mac for Adobe Product 2019.

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Number of WordPress search result

  How to set the number of results to display in search of a WordPress blog. Add this line to your liking fonction.php Edit line 5 the number of post you want to display per page in your results. // Changing the number of search results add_filter(‘pre_get_posts’, ‘wpm_search_results’); function wpm_search_results() { if…

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WordPress search bar

  php code to add a search bar on a WordPress site. simple line of code to add shortcode with Woody ad snippets plugin or directly into a WordPress file for savvy. <?php get_search_form(); ?>   working example

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http to https how ?

  How was its HTTP to HTTPS website. Obtain a certificate for free renewable let's encrypt each quarter. Very simple and free subject to update your key all 3 month (maximum period for free). SSL For Free – Free SSL Certificates Add the following lines in the…

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Disable Windows real-time protection 10 permanently

  How to disable the real-time protection of Windows Defender permanently without it do not be final.   It often happens that the real-time protection on the Windows operating system 10 we bother removing that little sometimes very useful program for our needs. Whether you…

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How to website

  How to create, host your own HTTPS Webserver. Design a mailbox, understand the operation, the implementation of simple and dynamic page. We describe as a whole, the methodology used for to create INTERFACE FRENCH. We want to share our experience and our knowledge. The internet universe, so vast, does not bring us…