Streaming search engine for all platforms


New on the web
An engine to search for your favorite movies and series.
Many platforms are currently listed.
Brand new, with some more revisions and improvements
from the domain owner, but after a few tests, we approve.
Good work !
Below is a frame of their site's search page.
We thank the owner of the domain for allowing us to distribute their page and use of their database exclusively for

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5 thoughts on “Streaming search engine for all platforms

  1. I myself uploaded during the first search engine lockdown dedicated to streaming.
    A selection of 10 best man mode sites actually updated as the sites in question evolve..
    Why do this search when with a single query it is possible to have the instantaneous result of 10 different sites regularly updated by myself according to their evolution.
    The 10 best current streaming sites with no ads or subscriptions or signups.

  2. And to think that during the first confinement, as nothing valid was happening on television, having had the idea of ​​setting up a streaming-oriented Google search engine, I thought I was the first to think about it.
    A free streaming search engine with no ads, no registration or subscription.
    Provided you read the instructions page and install the necessary free tools of course.
    I closed this site after the lockdown to finally put the online streaming search engine back on a new site just for the hobby.

  3. Bonjour,
    I had the same idea myself in May 2020, during the first confinement in Belgium.
    If I can promote , I can't find which keywords to work on.
    Not sure streaming site for example. This is not who we are.
    We both have a streaming-oriented search engine but don't host movies.
    Or on the contrary would it be in time to present oneself on Google and leave the surprise to visitors ?

  4. If I read well : One person administrator, editor, volunteer. We do this, we do this…
    A single person who speaks saying we we we and still we.
    It's a lot for one person doing it all on their own (s) .I ... U.S, it is one or more people.
    Me, I've been doing everything alone since June 2020 when France television stopped serving us its best with its old classics and we were forced to stay at home. All alone, totally voluntarily, at my expense for the sole purpose of sharing with those like me who cannot afford to pay to be entitled.
    My username : Ed The-streamer . On all social networks.

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