Adobe After Effects 2020

Download Adobe After Effects 2020 pre-activated

Adobe After Effects is one of the applications most used by professionals working with video. This complete software allows you to create animations, and apply all kinds of effects and modifications to videos, with surprising results. If you are working with audiovisual material, now try After Effects for free.

It is one of the favorite software for creating surprising movie special effects. This application allows you to do all kinds of wonders : create animations, 3D graphics, apply effects to the moving image, or create animated texts in three dimensions. After Effects can do anything you imagine.

What is Adobe After Effects for?
Possibility of combining 2D and 3D video elements on the same composition.
You can create, work and animate with text and vector graphics.
It has a large amount of visual effects that enhance the colors, distort shapes, give a 3D look or improve the sharpness of images.
Animation of graphics, texts and videos through key frames.
Full screen preview on a separate screen among Mercury Transmit.
Integration with Adobe Kuler tool, for creating color schemes.

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