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Find in real time all the information on the evolution of the coronavirus in the world.

An interactive map on the cases listed and deaths reported worldwide, country by country.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center


The team FI wished to share an important word with Internet users which was uttered by a great epidemiologist “Massimo Galli” about the pandemic that the world is undergoing.

«My hope is that we can free ourselves from this virus any more
three months from the time we apply certain rules.
And this is already a terrifying time

"It is not and it will not be a quick thing,
but if it occurs in the short term,
I'll be the first to rejoice "

"The vaccine is a hope,
there is 18 open programs to get the vaccine.
Something will come out, It's certain,
but I doubt that we are able to circumscribe
the epidemic and to overcome pending the vaccine "

A natural selection

It goes without saying that time we will not have a vaccine, barrier gestures will become dead, PROVIDING know to live in the future human backups.

Make your arrangements.


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