The beaches in Martinique


Martinique is a wild card and mesmerizing that attracts travelers like magnets with its gorgeous white sand beaches. Many say that the most beautiful beaches in Martinique are located in the south of the island. And it is true that the Anse Noire and Anse Dufour compete in beauty. Around the charming village of Anses d'Arlet, you will also find a multitude of pristine beaches, ideal for relaxing. Then taking the direction of Marin, you will succumb to the beauty of the Grande Anse des Salines. but above, do not overlook the Atlantic coast and the north of the island. You will discover a much wilder coastline, lined with beautiful volcanic beaches, like the beach in Sinai or the & rsquo; unforgettable Anse Couleuvre. From the Caribbean to the Atlantic Ocean, planning your trip to Martinique discovering the most beautiful jewels of its coastline.
Fancy a calm sea, the Caribbean side beaches are perfect for relaxing in the shade of coconut trees.
black sand beaches or gray sand beach, Beach white or golden beach sand, to each his desires, each beaches ....

Dive into the heart of the most beautiful beaches of Martinique and locate them on our map of the beaches :

Sea temperature

Find out the sea and water temperature month by month in Martinique :

of the sea

What a joy to swim in Martinique in fresh water all year round ! Imagine a water temperature that never drops below 26 ° C during the dry season and can exceed 29 ° C between August and October. You can therefore swim in Martinique in calm water all year round and enjoy the superb beaches, especially towards Saint-Anne on the Grande Anse des Salines, one of the best known beaches on the island. Almost 2km long of very fine white sand and lined with coconut palms leaning over the calm sea, the Saltworks are a real postcard decor. The pleasant sea temperature also offers the more athletic many possibilities for activities : dives, surfing and other nautical activities. Martinique is full of diving spots through which you can observe beautiful corals, colorful wildlife and boat wrecks ; the wreck of the Nahoon being one of the most beautiful diving trips to discover this boat in perfect state of conservation and around which barracudas twirl, lobsters and other fish. For surfers, meet at the end of the Caravelle peninsula on the "Surfeurs" beach or Anse Dufour, beach with waves suitable for all levels. You can surf there all year round with the sea temperature around 28 ° C.
During the rainy season from May to November, the sea temperature remains warm and even reaches its maximum around October, approaching 30 ° C.



beach Anse Snake Preacher incarte

L'Anse Snake Preacher in

If you are looking for the best beach in Martinique, is at Anse snake you find it. Nestled in the heart of the jungle in the extreme north of the island, this immense black sand offers a unique isolation printing. In the tropical humidity, the beach is swept by powerful rollers of the Caribbean Sea. at sunset, it is adorned with amazing golden colors, green and black. It's just a real moment of happiness !

Sand beach
wild beach


The beach Anse Noire and Anse Dufourcarte

L'Anse Noire and Anse Dufour

L'Anse Noire and Anse Dufour Martinique are two beautiful beaches that almost all opposed. The first offers an emerald water lined with black sand. The second allows to plunge into the turquoise waters, enjoying white sand. But as these two beaches are nearby, One does not go without the other. And icing on the cake, you are in one of the best locations in Martinique where observe sea turtles.

Sand beach


Anse d'Arlet beachcarte

Anse d'Arlet Beach

Les Anses d'Arlet have the most beautiful beaches in the whole Martinique. Take the direction of the town beach to find a very famous panorama of the island. Since the dock overlooking the turquoise sea, the view of the church and Creole houses of the village is absolutely sublime. On the beach, you can sunbathe or sample the local cuisine in the many bars installed near the shore.

Sand beach
Facilities on the beach


The beach Diamond Beachcarte

The Diamond Beach

A few kilometers east of Anses d'Arlet, the village Diamond has a famous beach in the world for its impressive rock. Rising from the waters of the Caribbean Sea, Diamond Rock is a true symbol of Martinique. long 3 kilometers, the village beach is one of the most attractive in this part of the island. But pay attention to the heavy swell which can make swimming dangerous.

Sand beach


The beach at Anse Figuier Marincarte

L'Anse Figuier in Marin

Below the road to Marino, Anse Figuier could almost go unnoticed. However, this attractive white sandy beach well worth the detour. In large shaded part, it is ideal for families with children. One could spend hours in the water bubbled, but that's not counting the delicate aromas of grilled fish emanating from surrounding eateries.

Sand beach
Facilities on the beach


Beach Grande Anse des Salines Sainte-Annecarte

Grande Anse des Salines Sainte-Anne

Grande Anse des Salines is the most famous South Beach in Martinique. Located on the route of the Trace Caps, this splendid bay fringed with coconut palms looks like a paradise. This is one of my favorite spots to watch the sunset, with in the background the rock of Diamond and the mountain of reclining woman. To avoid the crowds, Come preferably early morning or late afternoon.

Sand beach
Facilities on the beach


L'Anse beach Trabaud in Sainte-Annecarte

L'Anse Trabaud in Sainte-Anne

If there are too many people in Salines, take the direction of Anse Trabaud following the Trace Caps. After crossing the Savannah Pétrifications, you will discover a range of beauty, both wild and uncrowded at. Remember to bring plenty of water, a pair of shoes and your supplies for the day.
Walk, it takes a 1/2 hour walk to reach it starting from the Anse Plums. You can access it by car on a stony road but you have to cross a private road with an entrance fee to 2,50 Euro and input schedules between 8 am and 16h. In Week, the beach is almost deserted but many families weekend come to picnic there. The beach is very pleasant, very wide and lined with trees for sun protection. Remember to take something to drink and dine on site because there is no restaurant or bar. The sea is regularly a little rough but still pleasant for swimming.

Sand beach
wild beach | naturist beach


The white beach Fund Francis and Josephine Bathcarte

Whites Fund Francis and Josephine Bath

The whites of François Fund are accessible only by kayak or boat during a day trip where one offers swimming, Creole lunch, ti-punch in a pleasant atmosphere. These sand banks emerging from the water surface, between two islands off, absolutely beautiful. These sandy shoals are located between the islet Oscar and Thierry islet where you can bathe in one meter of water. Here is certainly one the most beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast, but it is also one of the most popular. Rather come in the morning because at noon, it's fast bottling between motor boats, catamarans and canoes coming from all sides.

Sand beach
wild beach | Diving


beach The beaches of the Peninsula of the Caravelcarte

The beaches of the Peninsula of the Caravel

The Caravelle peninsula is a place apart on the Martinique coast. The beach of the Bay of Tartane is popular with families. Further north, the beaches of Anse l'Etang and Anse Bonneville is an appointment surfers. Finally, do not miss the beach of the Bay of Treasury, an isolated area accessible only on foot.

Sand beach
wild beach | Surf


The beach Sinai beach Grand'Rivièrecarte

The Sinai beach Grand'Rivière

Sinai Beach is a place that deserves and which is reached after a long journey by car, along the Atlantic coast. Grand'Rivière is the last village in northern Martinique. This unique place in the island is home to a wild fringed by rainforest beach. Off the coast, when the weather is nice, you can see the coast of Dominica. Attention, swimming can be dangerous ...

Black sand beach
wild beach


The beach Anse Gros grapecarte

The Cove Gros grape

Beautiful beach of Caravelle peninsula accessible only by boat or via a path from the nautical base of Spoutourne after an hour's walk. The place is very wild and unfrequented. Do not forget your mask and snorkel as the sea are superb with many tropical fish.

Sand beach
Secluded beach


beach La Pointe Faulacarte

The Pointe Faula

Located south of the village after the fishing port, Pointe du Faula is a huge expanse of grass and sand whose characteristic is a sandy bottom covered with only fifteen centimeters of water that you can get away with more 400 meters out and join the Whites walking Fund. You will find restaurants and bars as well as tables and benches for picnics. Many trees line the beach for sun protection. The sea is rather calm. The Pointe Faula is a key spot for kite and windsurfing.

Sand beach
Shaded beach | kitesurfing and windsurfing


Cape Town beach Macrécarte

Cape Macré

Located Atlantic side of the island, Cape Macré the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island with a very calm water due to a coral reef that protects waves. The beach is uncrowded weekday. Attention to children because the beach falls steeply into the sea and one quickly loses foot.

Sand beach
Coral beach


beach Anse Grosse Rochecarte

L'Anse Grosse Roche

After a twenty minute walk on a nice trail, you arrive in paradise at Anse Grosse Roche. This wild huge white sand beach is lined with palm trees and cactus on its heights. Deserted, the beach will be nothing to you. Located Atlantic side, some waves can disturb the tranquility of the sea but rest assured bathing is always possible.

White sand beach
wild beach


beach Anse Michel - Cap Chevaliercarte

Anse Michel - Cap Chevalier

Located along the Cap Chevalier and hike the "Trace des Caps", Anse Michel is one of the most famous beaches in Martinique. Thanks to the presence of a coral reef, the waters are very calm there. Many coconut trees lining the white sand beach and provide shaded areas for sun protection. The beach slowly descends into the sea and so you walk long. The Michel bay is conducive to family swim. It is also the meeting place for kitesurfers and windsurfing enthusiasts who make it one of the best spots of the island.

White sand beach
Coral beach | familial


beach Anse Caritancarte

L'Anse Caritan

Located a few hundred meters south of St. Anne, This white sand beach is not wide, shady and quiet as protected from waves by the peninsula of St Anne. therefore it is ideal for parents with young children. L'Anse Caritan, it is also the starting point for a hike "La Trace des Caps' renowned in Martinique. long 27 km, it is the longest hiking the island along the southern coast overlooking beautiful beaches. It offers beautiful vistas to discover the extreme south of Martinique. This hike can be cut in 5 sections. By starting the Anse Caritan, you can join the Salines in a walk 1:30, about 4,5 km through the Anse Meunier. The hike is very nice with a view of Diamond Rock.

White sand beach
Pedestrian beach


L'Anse beach Desertcarte

L'Anse Desert

Located in the town of Sainte Luce, Desert Cove is a beautiful wild white sand beach and shady enough to protect from the sun. uncrowded, yet it is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and calm. Natural baths offer a safe bathing for children.

White sand beach
Natural beach


Grande Anse beach Carbetcarte

Grande Anse Carbet

The beach of Anse du Carbet is a beautiful long gray sand beach 1 km along the village of Carbet. It is lined with restaurants and fishermen's huts where you can enjoy fresh fish. The sea is very calm with views of Mont Pelee but beware watch out children because one quickly loses foot. wide enough, many parts of beach volleyball are regularly organized.

Gray sand beach
Volcanic beach


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