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Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2020.
Download Collection Adobe 2019 free to enjoy it.

The FI team presents how have the free Adobe Acrobat Pro software CD 2020.

A solution has been found, tested by our team and functional.
Adobe CC 2020 placed his activation module in the EXE or DLL file of the main program, canceled the classical activation module amtlib.dll and completely disabled the offline activation method.

It is hard and a day of testing on multiple machines we first got this result.
It is through the comments of many that we could get there.

We offer these days several patches without this be conclusive for Internet users (MARS 2020).
It's throughout our tests we found out why.
The facilities we had on some of our machines had previously been patched with amtemu-v2 we find in early 2020 to other previous test.
The machine already has this type of file installed Adobe Acrobat gave the functional software while other non (inability to open acrobat DC, read error acrobat.dll file).
So we perform the same operation starting from a new config (Only genuine Windows we used in our tests) and success.
Of them(2) patch are therefore necessary to achieve.
Simply once your installed software to patch a first time amtemu-v2.
We exclusively make for FRENCH INTERFACE capture every click for better understanding.

Download and install Acrobat Pro DC 2020

the patch Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_DC_Patch_New_Fix_2020.7z is a small, effective software giving access to unlimited use of Adobe Acrobat.

1) Opening Adobe acrobat DC 2020 for a first test after installing. Close the app and let's move on.
2) First click to use the software amtemu V2 on windows 10 (Do not forget to disable your real-time protection)
Select Adobe acrobat DC 2015 then validate on patch.
3) This indicates PATCHING DONE
4) Click on additional information.
5) Run anyway.
6) Now run the patch Adobe_Acrobat_Pro_DC_Patch_New_Fix_2020.7z.
7) After installation of the second, you can start Adobe Acrobat. It shows and asked to accept the license agreement. You made OK.
8) Your software is functional.
9) Opening the attached file “welcome” installation as example.
10) It's yours. You can even create and edit.

A noter :
It is possible that start Acrobat informs you that his manager application is missing or damaged.
This confirms that the patch is functional.

INFORMATION: Most downloadable software on FI were compress and secure password to not allow Google has blocked the download.
A data compression software to compress your folders and files so that they use less space on your hard drive.
here is a page dedicated on the subject to use your downloads FI.

Find all of the patches collection adobe 2019.
Looking to download software without using creative cloud.
Download Adobe | Direct Download

Do not perform updates proposed risk that the patch does not work anymore.
The FI team noticed a retail operation with real-time protection, which plays a role in the proper functioning of the patch.
If your protection is disabled as stated on this page using the software will then continue.
For the purposes of our tests, we have reactivated a short while this protection, which canceled the patch installed and displayed again as our version of trials has happened expiry.
We had stopped our protection and run the patch again to use the software freely again.

THE 20 AVRIL 2020 :
We have been given a bad rating on this post and we want to inform Internet users about reading the installation information and the resources to download, which are sometimes misinterpreted..
We put at disposal the file in question operating on FI which poses problem and result of our test under windows 10 Acrobat.dll et amtlib.dll to allow you to recover the installation without restarting everything from the start.
Get to this point, sometimes you will have to try something else and persist.
Thank you for confirming that this does not work in order to stop this publication..

THE 20 AVRIL 2020 (after our reissue):
The words of an email encouraging our team to continue this publication, the team therefore wanted to open the comments again.

I installed Acrobate DC 2020

everything works fine

1000 thank you I save time instead of restoring exercises for my students

the least I can do is express my gratitude

Have a good day


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the same, does not work...

1.0 rating
24 September 2020

Does not work ..." Acrobat failed to load its core dll"

1.0 rating
26 June 2020

Do not work, I have the message "Acrobat failed to load its core dll"

1.0 rating
25 June 2020

Don't message "Acrobat failed to load its core dll"

1.0 rating
19 June 2020

despite the two dll, the message "Acrobat failed to load its core dll" always displayed

1.0 rating
13 June 2020

35 thoughts on “Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2020

  1. Hello,

    When I get to the end of the installation adobe indicates that the recording support module is missing and closes automatically and suspends this installation. Is there a particular manipulation ?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello,

      Each configuration and system can be different, une simple installation d'antivirus peut interférer dans cette solution.
      It is imperative to follow the description step by step.
      A vous de réaliser quelques tests jusqu'à aboutissement.

      The FI team

  2. Hello,

    I can't get Adobe Acrobat DC to work.

    Either I get the error message “acrobat failed to load its core dll”

    Either after submitting the Acrobat.DLL file and applying your patch , I manage to launch it but it tells me that I am not connected to the internet.

    If you have a solution,

    1. Hello,

      Au vu de l'augmentation croissante des demandes, l'équipe Fi souhaite préciser avec importance que cela ne consiste pas à une solution gratuite, mais d'exploiter une faille pour en bénéficier.
      Each configuration and system can be different, une simple install d'antivirus peut interférer dans cette solution.
      We want to emphasize that the solution involves 2 patch and not just one.
      It is imperative to follow the description step by step.
      It's up to you to carry out some tests until completion.
      Nous souhaitons fermer les commentaires mais n'hésiter pas à revenir vers nous sur la page contact si vous éprouver d'autres difficultés.

      The FI team

  3. Hello ,
    After a lot of hassle, Adobe finally works. I replaced the Acrobat.dll file with yours, as indicate, to suppress the error message “Fatal error Acrobat failed to load its Core DLL” at the opening of the program. ( window10 )

    A big thank you to the team!!! GOOD Tutorial

    GOOD Job !!

    1. Hi Arthur,

      Where did you find this acrobat.dll file ? I got this error message and can't get it out. I can't find this file you're talking about.

      Thank you

  4. Hello to you,

    crack perfectly accomplished on a computer that was already cracked on an old version (update)
    On the other hand , acrobat failed to load its core dll on my second computer ?

    Were you able to investigate and understand where it came from ?


  5. Hello,
    Acrobat Pro DC 2020 installed with the patch installed successfully ... but still release TEST
    At the bottom left “6 days remaining test Buy”
    It is eu t solution to switch to unlimited version
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Have you followed the directions given ?
      We realised 3 After uninstalling and then reinstalling test before and after confirming that it works.
      Realize again this operation using two well(2) patch donné en solution et dans l'ordre.
      thank you for your comeback

      The FI team

  6. After this message "Fatal error failed to load Acrobat icts Core DLL 'I apply the DLL that you advise lowest, and now he asks me to open the software to create an account and when I ADOBE farm, all farm
    and thank you for all these efforts

    1. Hello,

      Le fichier acrobat.dll a été placé pour éviter d'avoir le processus de réparation de Adobe acrobat.
      Cela n'est pas une solution.
      A solution was found and the page was last day yesterday.
      Your software is installed, je pense qu'il vous faut maintenant passé a l'étape 2.

      The FI team

    1. Hello Nady,

      Nous n'avons pas connaissance de cette versions.
      The adobe software offered on this page on été trouvé sur une page américaine qui n'existe plus maintenant.
      La publicité faite auprès d'autre site ou trouver le logiciel X86 ou X64 explique que cela peut être installer sur les deux types de systèmes d'exploitations mais le logiciel en lui même fonctionne sous 32 bits.

      The FI team

      1. I thank you for the information, I tried anyway and it settles, but I am having the same problem as other, it makes me a failure message.

  7. Hello,
    I reinstalled everything. It's even worse than before. It opens even more. That's what makes me : “Fatal error Acrobat failed to load its Core DLL”
    A solution ?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Fredy,

      We confirm that a new configuration the same message was sent to us.
      Le staff a sérieusement examiner les possibilités aujourd'hui sans pouvoir contourner.
      Le patch fonctionne sur certaines machines et d'autre non et n'avons pas compris pourquoi.
      To restart the software without having to uninstall, or repair, Here the file in question to start this name.
      Copy and Replace in Adobe Acrobat file :
      cProgram Files (x86)\AdobeAcrobat DCAcrobat
      We are going to patch all known online can be to allow a few people to bypass.
      Si cela persiste pour beaucoup d'autre, we will put this ad offline soon.

      The FI team

  8. Hello, I download adobe , then I intalled then I download the patch and installed but when opening Adobe an error msg says: acrobat failed to load its core dll



  9. Hello
    Function “edit PDF” does not work. It tells us that the trial version has expired and must subscribe to access all the tools
    Are there has a manipulation to do to access this feature please ?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Freddy,

      We confirm a problem with the patch.
      So we look for a new functional software and did a setting has days of our article.
      We invite you to download it again to install the new patch.
      L'équipe FI vous remercie de votre contribution.

      1. Hello,

        First of all thank you for your efforts.
        Ensuite, I'm stuck at the dézip patch file with the password.
        I can not find it in the download folder 7-zip.
        Can you be more specific please ?

        1. To find the password, is what to watch in the properties of the read me file ? Or 7zip File patch ?
          There is a CRC number but it does not work.
          Thank you in advance.

        2. Hello,

          It is essential to open the archive with 7-zip.
          In the compressed file, Both files are available.
          -The patch software
          -The wordpass.txt text file including the password.
          (only the software file has been locked)
          Thank you for your comment.

          FI team

          1. Thank you for your comment.
            I open the file well with Express 7zip but with me the text file is locked by password.
            Unable to open for the pwd.

            1. Hello Abdo,

              After checking, there has been an error on our part on the organization of the compressed file.
              We invite you to download it again.
              FI thank you for your contribution to its development.
              Best regards,

              FI team

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