6 thoughts on “Adobe After Effect CC 2019

  1. I use first 2019 but I would like to create my titles in after effect to incorporate them in first.
    Problem I'm using AE 2020 ( since the dll of 2019 no longer available). PR 2019 Refuse the import, telling me version incompatible with the AE2020 model please upgrade your version from PR to PR 2020 .

    Could you put back the After effect Dll 2019 to ensure compatibility with first 2019 Thank you .

    1. Hello

      You should not do the update or you will lose the effectiveness of the patch.
      The download software is original.
      We would like to inform you that the patches offered are a way of circumventing their uses.
      There is therefore no solution for each software.
      For full use, you will need to purchase it.
      Your software will work during the trial period.

      The FI team

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