Microsoft Office 365


Download Microsoft Office 365 and activation patch.

Office 365 (Image file 4,4 Go) is a Windows utility software to manage, create or edit such documents, OneDrive, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Skype, Calendar, Contact, Sway, Forms.

IF test and gives you advice for installation and activation product.
Small very simple software C2R Install v6.4.4 (9,7 Mo) downloaded install and activate the product.

It is imperative to uninstall any old versions and then restart your computer.
Then install and then reboot.

Your partner account must be non-existent if it will not work.

Test results by our team.

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 365

    1. Hello Damien,

      Windows is nowadays associated with a Microsoft account which manages all the elements of the office suite and its individual connection and the related information is directly included for each person using these software.

      The FI team

    1. Bonjour,

      To get 2019, you must download directly from the C2R Install software v6.4.4.
      The version of 2016 does not change anything to that of 2019 puisque sous le non unique qu'elle comporte “Office 365” aucun changement majeur n'a été effectué.
      Notre équipe va rechercher une solution pour télécharger l'application hors ligne mais il est très compliqué de pouvoir en disposez à ce jour et aucun autre site ne la propose au téléchargement direct.

      The FI team

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