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The basics of variables

Date%%date%%Replaced by the date of publicationProposes to the date of the article, of the page ;
title%%title%%Replaced by the title of the publicationMet a title of the article or page, widely used !
Parent Title%%parent_title%%Replaced by the title of the parent page of this pageReplaces the title of the current page with the title of the parent page;
Title of the archive%%archive_title%%Replaced with a normal archive title generated by WordPressInsert the name of your website ;
Website title%%sitename%%The site name
Slogan%%sitedesc%%The site's sloganMet the slogan that is defined in the WordPress installation and you can find in the settings ;
Extract%%excerpt%%Replaced by the extract of the publication (or auto-generated, if the extract does not exist)Give an excerpt from the article or page (auto-generated if omitted from the topic) ;
extract only%%excerpt_only%%Replaced by the extract of the publication (without self-generation)Met an excerpt or page without either self-generated ;
Label%%tag%%Replaced by(the) against(s)-key(s)Displays labels (old keywords or tags) ;
Category%%category%%Replaced by(the) category(s) Article (Comma Separated)Used to indicate the different categories (Article by category, it's better!) Comma Separated ;
main category%%primary_category%%Replaced by the main category of the article / pageDisplays the main category of the article or page ;
Category description%%category_description%%Replaced with the category descriptionYou can display the category description;
Label content%%tag_description%%Replaced with the description of the keyword
Item Description%%term_description%%Replaced with the description of the termApplies the description of the term ;
Title of the term%%term_title%%Replaced by the name of termDisplays the name of the term ;
Search phrase%%searchphrase%%Replaced by search phraseIn particular to use for the search page and presents the sentence sought by the visitor ;
Separator%%sep%%The separator as defined in wp_title tag() your theme.The separator is set to mark the wp_title tag() theme, it changes in the General tab of Yoast SEO.



The advanced variable

Publication Type (singular)%%pt_single%%Be replaced by the singular content typeLets put the title in the singular content type ;
Types of publication (in the plural)%%pt_plural%%Be replaced by the plural content typeTurns the previous plural ; (if it is useful to vary, check that it works properly) ;
Amended%%modified%%Replaced by the publication modification timeWe give the article modification time or page ;
ID%%id%%Replaced with the ID of the publicationSets up the ID of the page or section (maybe it is a little extravagant) ;
Name%%name%%Replaced by standardized identification of the author of the publicationGive a name used by the author of the article or even page ;
Description of the user%%user_description%%Replaced by "biographical information" of the author of the publicationThese are the biographical information that can be found on the user ;
%%userid%%Give the ID of the author of the page or section ?! ;
%%currenttime%%Give now ;
%%currentdate%%Expresses the current date ;
%%currentday%%Give the current day ;
%%currentmonth%%Displays the current month ;
%%currentyear%%To display this time of year ;
Page number%%page%%Replaced by the current page number with the context (ex: page 2 sure 4)We not just give a page number but eg "page 2 sure 3" ;
Number of pages%%pagetotal%%Replaced by the total number of pagesGive the number of pages ;
PageNumber%%pagenumber%%Replaced by the current page numberDisplays the current page number ;
Legend%%caption%%Legend of the room attachedIs exploitable to present the legend of the media especially ;
target request%%focuskw%%Replaced by the target application publicationsTurns the main keyword section (as long as you use this feature) ;
Phrase404%%term404%%Replaced by the slug which caused the error 404Turns ID that caused the error page 404 ;
(custom field)%%cf_%%Replaced by a custom field valueAllows you to customize your fields ;
(custom taxonomy)%%ct_%%Replaced by(the) category(s) Article, separated by commasMet categories section separated by commas ;
description (custom taxonomy)%%ct_desc_%%Replaced by a description of the custom taxonomies.It allows you to, especially if you customize your taxonomy to something custom.

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