vegetable Wok Japanese


This month, we will see for a very simple recipe vegetable wok.
A soy sauce to fry your vegetables Asian way.

250 grams water
20 grams cornflour
80 grams oil & rsquo; olive
20 grams garlic
80 grams soy sauce
50 grams sweet chili sauce

In a pot, mix the & rsquo; water and cornstarch and cook until all & rsquo; full thickening (boil one minute).
In a blender, to the & rsquo; d & rsquo oil; olive, l & rsquo; fresh garlic (a little chopped to help the blender), soy sauce and sauce sweet chili.
Add the cooked pasta thickened and run 2 at 3 min to get a smooth, creamy sauce.
All the & rsquo; art of Japanese cuisine lies in cutting vegetables.
It will cut them very finely.

put them in a hot pan well (principle of the wok) without fat, one minute left by jumped plant and add a few tablespoons of the sauce recipe.
Cook a few minutes to enter your vegetables as you like.
Good tasting.

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