What say Transposh !


Wordpress plugin very well designed incorporating the translations of your website automatically via Google, Bing, Yandex, Google will open.

Transposh, Founded in 2008, is a WordPress plugin doing the translations of your website automatically
via Google, Bing, Yandex, Open and Baid.
Software open source very well designed and easy to use. (Editor's note: the best tested “BE” among GTranslate, Polylang and others…).

Intégrant les normes SEO en transformant l'adresse URL par sous dossier de langue.
Possibility of revising translations directly from user.
Translation of the metadata into the correct part.

Little regret, no compatibility with Yoast SEO.
No, Transposh is not yet able to translate correctly.

If you want to set your metadata, SEO is found affected and are indexed in only one language.
Mandatory to let the search engines come and take the words of your site randomly.
We are still testing this way.
The 26 avril 2019 tests were performed.
Metadata is also possible translations but this requires manually translate Transposh.
A ticket open evoking the subject simply says to let things but with a delay that only the search engines is the power to know.

Congratulations to Ofer Wald founder Transposh for one of the best multilingual translation plugins for WordPress.
Facilitating this way, not to create a PHP translation system and multiple language files to update at the slightest change.

Team Notes:
An apostrophe problem of translation of the French language present on our site has been solved by ' to replace WordPress text mode each apostrophe.

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